Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics Meeting Postponed

The lingering consequences of the pandemic continue to disrupt regular business activities, and as a result we are postponing the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnostics meeting, which was scheduled to take place on May 10-11, 2022, at the Hayes Mansion Hilton Hotel in San Jose, California.

We have learned that, because many companies and organizations are short-staffed because of the Great Resignation, they are restricting their employees from trips out of the office—including attendance at medical conferences—to allow them to maintain daily operations.

Many potential attendees tell us is not feasible for them to either get corporate permission to participate or for their schedules to allow them to leave the office and attend this spring’s May 10-11 event.

Currently, we are assessing how we can conduct this event later. Please stay tuned for more information. For those who have already registered, one of our representatives will be reaching out to ensure that you receive a refund on any registration fees you might have paid.

Thank you,

Robert Michel
Executive Director
Precision Medicine Institute.

Conference developed by the Precision Medicine Institute


How are companies and healthcare providers using AI in real-life applications that support patient care?


Use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is the revolution that is now underway! Early-adopter hospitals, health systems, and physician groups are beginning to deploy the first-generation of AI to improve patient outcomes, streamline care delivery, and generate powerful insights from large pools of data. 

Now is your chance to be among them. Join us this May 10-11 for a groundbreaking event where AI leaders, innovators, and solution providers in healthcare and biotech will share how they are using AI in real-world daily applications that support patient care. These first-mover and early-adopter providers will share how they capitalized their precision medicine clinical service lines, incorporated AI solutions into the workflow; along with how AI has played a role in improving patient outcomes, reducing the overall cost of care, while providing the provider with a new stream of revenue. 

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Featured Speakers


Scott Gottlieb, MD
Former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ajit Singh
Ajit Singh, PhD
Managing Director
Artiman Ventures
Paul Mango
Former Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Ted Schwab
Schwab Tremblay Solutions
Leo Grady, Ph.D.
CEO in Residence
Breyer Capital
Bikash Sabata
Bikash Sabata, Ph.D.
Vice President of Software, Instrument Platforms
Roche Sequencing Solutions

Why should you attend?

The AIHD conference will be the first time that some of the nation’s most innovative healthcare organizations share their experiences at acquiring, implementing, and using AI solutions, supplemented with clinical outcomes data, financial performance, and operational benefits. Attendees at AIHD will be first in the nation to learn this information, while at the same time having the opportunity to network with speakers, executives of the nation’s first-rank AI developers, along with venture capital and private equity investors.

See Artificial Intelligence In Action

Begin Your AI Journey

Learn how to navigate the difficult path to developing an AI strategy with help from healthcare leaders who have successfully implemented AI within their own organizations. Explore case studies on the real-world daily applications that support patient care and how biotech companies are developing AI to assist in drug discovery, targeting, and screening.

Become an AI Leader

Uncover the latest developments and trends from cutting-edge innovators who can equip you with the tools, tech, and resources that you need to ramp up your AI initiatives. Hear from companies and solutions providers who will share their vision of how AI will continue to transform the healthcare and diagnostic landscape. Learn what’s coming next.

Understand the Industry

Meet leading healthcare executives who are seeking–or already using–AI solutions and can provide important insight into the ongoing needs of their organizations. Get insights from the early-adopter organizations and systems on what’s working and what isn’t. Get a grasp on upcoming needs in healthcare and diagnostics where AI can assist.

Who can you expect to see at the AIHD Conference?




Executives & Administrators



Asset 1-1

Pharma & Bioresearch Leaders

Person AI

AI Executives

What Organizations and Industries will be participating?

Brain AI

AI & Healthcare Companies

Asset 1

Hospitals & Health Systems

Solution Providers

Solution Providers

Asset 3

Radiology & Anatomic Pathology

Conference Venue: The Hayes Mansion



AIHD Conference Pricing

Special Early Registration

$ 995

  • Register by April 9, 2022

Full-Price Registration

$ 1,695

  • Register by May 9, 2022

On-Location Registration

$ 2,095


Want to bring your team? Special Group Rates for 2, 3, or more attendees are also available:

2 attendees: $1,300 ($650 per seat)

3 attendees: $1,500 ($500 per seat)

Contact Amanda at for more information.

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